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Chart Neo takes proven elements from the top FABMs and brings them all together in one place for women's health, family planning, and infertility evaluation. You can chart solo, or connect with a Fertility Awareness instructor to learn or refine your skills.


Developed by a doctor with over 20 years of infertility treatment experience, Chart Neo is based on solid clinical evidence and concepts from established fertility monitoring methods.


It's more than just tracking your period. Charting your cycle with Chart Neo allows your cycle to become a powerful health assessment tool. It gives you the ability to record fertility data that is medically relevant.


What you record with Chart Neo is the data your doctor needs to perform a thorough health evaluation. Easy chart printing and sharing. If your doctor needs a physical copy of your data, you can easily generate printable PDFs to bring to your appointments. It is also possible to share your data securely through our web portal. Chart Neo prioritizes data security and following HIPAA and GDPR guidelines.



RHM Gynecology offers an authentic approach to women's health that focuses on empowerment through education and care through cooperation. Our care is:


1. Accessible: RHM Gynecology nationwide telemedicine program focuses solely in the provision of gynecological, fertility, hormonal and reproductive health care. Besides following major medical societal guidelines, our restorative medical protocols are largely derived from FEMM/RHRI, CrMS/NaProTechnology and Marquette University.


2. Affordable: RHM Gynecology accepts insurance for consultations as well as charting instructions. If patients do not have insurance, our self-pay rate is also affordable, being the usual and customary rates allowed by insurance. We are also collaborating with other organizations in offering financial aid for patients who are not able to afford care. Consultations pertaining to abortion pill reversals are always free.


3. Dependable: RHM Gynecology makes no distinction between the different type of patients receiving care through our practice. All our patients, regardless whether they are in-office, telemedicine or abortion reversals follow the same office procedures, policies, protocols, records keeping, after hours care, etc. and therefore receive the same great quality of care.



The Mira Fertility Analyzer and App take the guesswork and stress out of ovulation tracking.


Unlike other fertility trackers, Mira Fertility Tracker is the only one that gives you actual fertility hormone concentrations and shows you your personalized fertility hormone curve. ✔️ Mira tells you exactly when you are fertile and non-fertile. ✔️ Mira Fertility Tracker helps you to achieve your fertility goals. ✔️ Differing from other OPK’s, Mira gives your actual hormone concentrations with 99% accuracy.


Because Mira analyzes your actual hormone levels it gives accurate insights on fertile window for those with irregular cycles and PCOS. Mira App synchronizes automatically and eliminates manual charting! In addition to LH hormone, Mira is the next step in women’s health tracking and analysis. Designed to be expandable, the Mira System will offer more at-home health tracking in the future! Mira will measure multiple women’s hormones such as Estrogen, Progesterone, FSH, and hCG, all with the current Analyzer.


Online Course Designed to Optimize Your Emotional Health & Well-Being for Conception

Organic Conceptions is the first organization to research, map and bring to life the emotional stages critical for conception. Their online program, The Journey to Parenthood & Beyond, helps couples identify, name, address, and overcome the suffering involved when struggling to conceive, resulting in healthier patients and better outcomes.

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Proov test strips enable women to confirm successful ovulation at home, in 5 minutes, using urine instead of blood. Proov tracks pregnanediol glucuronide (PdG), a metabolite of progesterone. Just collect a first morning urine sample, dip the strip, wait 5 minutes and read results! Because Proov is non-invasive, women can test PdG levels for multiple days, providing more information about ovulation health than traditional progesterone blood testing, which typically only provides a one point in time snapshot.


Problems with ovulation can make it difficult to conceive. Proov test strips empower women to know more about their bodies and understand if they are ovulating properly - information critical to successfully conceiving! Confirming ovulation has never been simpler and more complete with clinically validated, FDA cleared Proov. 


The International Institute for Restorative Reproductive Medicine is the leading voice in uniting providers who share a common belief that patients deserve scientifically-based and well researched reproductive health care services that cooperate with and restore reproductive function. They seek to advance excellence in Restorative Reproductive Medicine (RRM) by supporting practice and research through mentorship, education and collaboration


Natural Womanhood is a women’s health literacy program dedicated to the promotion of fertility charting, as a way to promote disease prevention, self-knowledge, relational intimacy, and effective family planning.


FACTS is a group of physicians, healthcare professionals and educators working together to provide information about natural or fertility awareness-based methods of family planning with the medical community. Our goal is to share the best evidence available with our healthcare colleagues and students so they can: educate about fertility, empower informed choices about family planning, and enable collaborations with medical professionals toward better reproductive health.


The complete A-Z implementation program to confidently and accurately chart your menstrual cycle. Secure, streamlined cycle charting with confidential chart evaluations and ongoing support. 

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Located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest (Bellingham, WA), Fairhaven Health is a leading provider of natural, doctor-designed products to support fertility, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and overall women’s health.


Fairhaven Health is ISO 13485-certified and distributes a wide range of dietary supplements and FDA-regulated medical devices. All Fairhaven Health supplements are manufactured in the United States under strict GMP conditions, using the highest quality ingredients available.


Our mission is to help you embrace life’s challenging stages with confidence. We provide trying-to-conceive couples with the information and tools they need to support their reproductive health and fertility. As a trusted leader in the field of reproductive health, our products are cooperatively developed and formulated by a diverse panel of medical experts – including REs, ObGyns, nutritionists, and naturopaths. We offer products to support each stage along the path to parenthood, from preconception to pregnancy to nursing.


Our preconception products focus on fertility awareness, ovulation prediction, and nutritional and herbal supplementation. Popular brands include our FertilAid, OvaBoost and FH PRO fertility supplements along with our BabyDance Fertility Lubricant, the only one in this category made without parabens.